“It was as if wind was blowing through the exact center of my life . . .”

ShearinFaith Shearin is a master of metaphors. Here are some of my favorites from the poems in Moving the Piano: “We let the deer come to us like secrets, their legs made of silence.” (93) “…the water, which has grown colder, like a man’s hand at the end of a romance.” (82) “…laughter like a sky full of stars” (92) “My father spoke in chocolate, whatever he felt filled the house like pie.” (28) “Dust gathers like disapproval.”(40) These metaphors appear effortless, and as Ted Kooser has observed, rather graceful. When I read these poems, I lose track of time.

Faith Shearin, Moving the Piano (Nacogdoches, TX: Stephen F. Austin State University Press, 2011), p. 87.

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