“Not a week goes by without my telling a lie, but I suppose that is the same for most people.”

mori croppedUnder what circumstances do you lie?  This book shows how our tendencies to lie can be influenced by the culture we live in.  The author describes situations in her home country of Japan, where it’s more important to be polite than honest, especially with people who have authority over you.  After moving to the Midwest, she observes that we have a different way of lying.  For example, we’ll say, “He’s a nice person, but…” and then describe how awful he is.  Or, instead of declining an invitation, we’ll say, “I’ll think about it,” or “I wish I could be there.”

Kyoko Mori, Polite Lies (New York: Fawcett Books: The Ballantine Publishing Group, 1997), 211.

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