“There’s work to be done, there are plots to be plotted, there are scams to be scammed, there are villains to be misled!”

This may be Margaret Atwood’s greatest masterpiece. In Hag-Seed, she retells Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” by turning it inside-out and adding a layer.  It’s a play within a play within a novel.  This restructuring results in a  hybrid form of story-telling that’s actually very funny.  In her version, prisoners discuss “The Tempest” while staging it as part of a literacy class taught by a visiting director with ulterior motives.  The criminals candidly discuss murder and revenge from a professional perspective.  This is a laugh-out-loud book for readers with all levels of acquaintance with this classic play.

Margaret Atwood, Hag-Seed. (London: Hogarth Shakespeare, 2016″), 10.

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