“Trust that the presence of long-held stories in your memories are there for reasons beyond entertainment.”

shadiow bookJohn Dewey, one of my heroes, said that you don’t learn from experience — you learn from thinking about your experience. That’s the idea that What Our Stories Teach Us is based on. Linda K. Shadiow outlines a three-step process of description, interpretation, and analysis. Is this sort of reflection a prerequisite for transformational learning?  I believe it might be. She wrote this book for college teachers, but I think that anyone could use this process. It’s harder than you might realize, though — especially when it involves thinking about things that went wrong.  You’ve heard of tough love…this is tough learning.

Linda K. Shadiow, What Our Stories Teach Us: A Guide to Critical Reflection for College Faculty (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2013), 112.

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