“When he analyzed students’ responses through their handheld electronic clickers, only 10 percent would remember the material after twenty minutes of lecture.”

Was this professor inept?  Were his students slackers? Both are unlikely: Carl Wieman, the professor, is a Nobel Laureate, and he teaches at Sanford. Perhaps, as Norman Eng points out, those of us who stand in the front of the classroom are more focused on teaching than on helping students learn. Eng advises that we move from identifying what students should know about our topic to asking why they should care, how they will benefit, how it will help them, and what experiences will enable them to internalize it. Eng is a pragmatic and passionate advocate of a learner-centered approach.

Eng, Norman. Teaching College: The Ultimate Guide to Lecturing, Presenting and Engaging Students. Norman Eng, 2017, p. 44.

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